I operate based on what’s best for you, not for me.

I listen and ask questions to determine a unique approach for your case, and then apply leading-edge technology to make the litigation process as fast and cost-efficient as possible. You pay for only the services you really need – my process is designed to cut back on time and overhead while delivering the best possible results.

I’ve developed a spectrum of improvements that help me serve you better and faster:

  • I make extensive use of technology to streamline production of pleadings, term sheets, agreements, etc. Automated procedure keep billable hours from building up, ensuring that you’re only paying for the best use of my time. (And it moves the proceedings faster, too!)
  • I use checklists and decision trees for litigation. Charting out processes and outcomes helps us keep track of what’s going on, and provides a helpful high-level overview of the case.
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