Personable. Powerful. Designed for you.

During my decades of working with larger law firms, I’ve seen costs and cases spiral out of control, leaving clients confused and unhappy. My goal is to put you back in charge, and make sure you know all your options from the outset. Low costs. Clear communication. It’s all part of the plan.

Here are just a few of the ways I put you in control:

  • I collaborate and plan with clients, from the initial conversation through the course of representation, to discuss goals and limitations in order to help clients make critical decisions.
  • I use cutting-edge technology and procedures so that clients pay for my legal expertise instead of file churning. Using technological procedures instead of billable hour work puts money back in your pocket even before your case is finished.
  • I provide monthly written summaries at no cost to the client. You deserve to stay informed at every stage of the case.
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