Going the extra distance

Bankruptcy and litigation are difficult and daunting. Each means that efforts to resolve a problem haven’t worked. Pearce Law PLLC lifts the burden off your shoulders.

How? With more than 20 years of experience in federal, state and bankruptcy courts as a commercial litigator and bankruptcy lawyer, I have been through the wringer more than once. I have had clients that the judge didn’t like. I have had what seemed to be impossible legal arguments. Each time I learned. I apply the lessons learned to help my clients navigate the uncertainty of litigation.

Your legal problems are unique. I listen and ask questions to help me understand your challenges and concerns. This conversation doesn't happen just once. It lasts throughout the case.

This collaboration lets us chart a responsive and cost-conscious approach to the dispute, whether it is a "bet the bank" dispute or routine litigation. This chart maximizes the your chance for a successful outcome, whether at early mediation or after trial. The litigation map is not set in stone, and is reviewed frequently to ensure that we stay on course to allow you to meet your goals.

Costs are kept as low as possible without compromising quality. I don’t pay "tall tower" rent. I employ technological alternatives to time-intensive billable hour work. These savings are passed along to my clients.

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