Bankruptcy Litigation

Protection when you need it most. As a creditor, you have a right to be paid back, and I’m here to protect you from fraudulent activity on the part of your debtors. Every bankruptcy case is different, and you should be aware of all your options. I’ll sit down and discuss your case and help you come up with a workable, actionable solution that will get you the money that’s rightfully yours.

Areas of expertise:

Fraudulent Transfer

Fraudulent conveyance (fraudulent transfers or conversions) occur when a debtor transfers property to another “owner” in order to defraud a creditor. In a fraudulent transfer, the debtor transfers the title of his real or personal property to the third party, and in a fraudulent conversion, the debtor changes the property to another type of property that will be exempt from the creditor. Fraudulent conveyance is not actionable, but fraudulent transfer is – I can help you sue to get your property back before the statute of limitations runs out.

Preference Actions

A "preference action" is the situation where a debtor sues a creditor for the return of payments that were made within 90 days prior to the debtor’s bankruptcy petition, claiming that this money would enable the creditor to receive more than he or she normally would when the debtor’s assets are liquidated. If you are the creditor, this suit can be a hardship for you, and I can help you prove that the transfer in question is not a preferential transfer and you are permitted to keep your money.

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