Complex Commercial Litigation

Commercial law is complicated, but your case doesn’t have to be. Pearce Law has over two decades of experience successfully resolving business disputes for clients, large and small. No matter what your industry or your problem, I’ll help you analyze your needs and guide you through negotiation, arbitration and mediation, trial or appeal – helping you resolve your case cost-effectively and get back on your feet quickly.

Areas of expertise:

Complex financial and real property transactions. Real estate law, land use planning and related areas of practice: settling disputes related to real estate tax appeals, commercial leasing, mortgage and asset-based lending, etc.

Fraud and unfair and deceptive trade practices. Recovery of funds that have been lost through another party’s corrupt or unfair business dealings – lying, cheating or stealing.

UCC Article 2, 2A and 9 disputes. Litigation related to transactions in goods: particularly agreements to lease equipment (UCC 2A), business-related breach of contract (UCC 2), and secured transactions (UCC 9).

Closely held business dissolutions/shareholder disputes. Legal disputes arising when corporations or partnerships dissolve.

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