Structured Finance

The peace of mind you’re looking for. Structured finance is a complex topic that boils down to a few simple principles: protecting your assets and keeping transactions safe. I can help you analyze your situation and issue an expert legal opinion to determine whether your money is safe where you’ve put it.

Areas of expertise:

True sale, nonconsolidation advice, and opinion letters.

These letters are issued as a condition of the closing of a structured finance (securitization) transaction, which bundles various payments or assets from various customers into one consolidated form of financing. A separate entity called an SPV (special purpose vehicle) is created to manage these assets.

True sale, nonconsolidation, and opinion letters are all various methods of helping to protect your assets, as the securities issuer or originator of the SPV. I analyze the situation and issue a formal opinion that assures you your finances won’t be consolidated with the finances of the other people in the bundle. If they go bankrupt, you will not go down with them.

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